Global Competition

For decades, New York City has been widely recognized as one of the greatest metropolitan cities in the world for business, tourism, lifestyle and innovation. However, with advances in technology and rise of global competition, contrasted with the aging building stock in Midtown East, New York City may soon fall behind. In order for New York City to remain globally competitive in the 21st century, Midtown East, long the dominant business district in Manhattan, needs office space and iconic buildings that can compete with international cities like London, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Midtown21C was formed in order to promote and advocate on behalf of a rezoning of Midtown East. It is imperative that the zoning in Midtown East doesn’t discourage the development of buildings with column-free floors, greater floor-to-ceiling heights, energy efficient features, and world-class designs that will rival—and surpass—those in other cities around the world. The coalition is urging that the rezoning be completed by the end of 2013 so that businesses and developers have clear rules under which they can plan—and more importantly build on the future of New York City, upholding its title of the best city in the world.