Proposed Improvements

Building upon the framework of the Department of City Planning’s initial Midtown East rezoning proposal, Midtown21C has outlined several

improvements to the proposed rezoning plan. These improvements, outlined below, will help add to the number of jobs generated, create state-of-the-art office space and raise the necessary funds for the project, all while ensuring that New York City remains a premier destination for businesses and tourists.

  • Permit landmarked buildings to transfer unused development rights more widely within the district.
  • Allow the District Improvement Bonus (“DIB”) and landmark transferrable development rights to be used on the same project outside the Grand Central Sub-district.
  • Require developers to seek a special permit for hotels in the district.
  • Allow for condo hotels within the district.
  • Encourage more development opportunities within the district by:
    • Include additional sites on the periphery of the proposed rezoning.
    • Provide greater flexibility in the size and frontage required for development sites.
    • Ensure that any new landmarking within the district is done reasonably.
    • Develop a clear and fair process for determining payments to the District Improvements Fund.
    • Eliminate the requirement for owners to pay to redevelop older, overbuilt properties to the same FAR.
    • Ensure that all of the proposed as-of-right FAR can be used within a site’s required height and setback envelopes.